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Ya is the label of a young talented singer from Moscow, performing in bars and restaurants in Spain. The singer has several mixed-genre albums recorded in English that can be listened to on various streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).


The customer turned to us for a website development service for their new album, which is being recorded. The site had to be executed in a minimalistic and pleasant design, easy for user perception and provide the site on the site with full access to the collection of music, photos and videos.


After some time of development, Progress Motion presented a completely ready-to-use product. The entire site is made in black and white, pleasing to the eyes of the user. The blocks and pages have a high-quality structural study according to the company's corporate SEO checklist, and the Roboto font was chosen for the text on the site.
As a result, the customer was completely satisfied with the work done and its deadlines.

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