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Business technology trends in 2021

Nadezhda Poroshina 4 min read
The past 2020 brought a lot of problems for businesses that had to be urgently addressed. If companies did not have big savings, then they had to take various measures to maintain sales, to save resources. Closings and reductions took place.

The pandemic has changed the course of our work. A year has passed, the companies have drawn conclusions based on the results of conducting activities remotely using various technologies. Here is a list of trends in business technology in 2021.

1. Cloud services and offices

Remote work of employees can be performed both in public applications and in cloud (online) offices created specifically for companies. Each employee works inside them, where he can do all the work, communicate, participate in meetings. This allows you to track the productivity of employees, update data and information faster.

2. Hybrid work

Companies operate in a hybrid model, where employees work from any place and come to the office to solve specific problems (if it is needed). “The future of work will be fluid, dynamic, and cloud-powered,” says Microsoft. They show their view on the future of work processes on their YouTube channel in the video where their work is done by employees by Microsoft products. This allows companies to reduce the costs of office rental, allows employees to have more free time, which, accordingly, can improve their quality of life, and, in the future, the quality of work. But for such a model, it is necessary to work out a system for organizing work, relationships, roles, and forms of control.

3. Big-data - Personalizing everything

Earlier we wrote about omnichannel and collecting user data. This data further allows you to personalize the offer for the customer, which thereby improves the customer experience, the value of the product for the customer, and increases the company's revenues. To process a large amount of information about consumer behavior, it is necessary to analyze a large amount of data. Accordingly, the demand for technologies for this is increasing.

4. Marketplaces

During the pandemic, they experienced significant growth, since they were sometimes the only way to shop without leaving home. Or going out, but to the nearest pick-up point. These services offer a ready-made platform for an entrepreneur, sales on which are even more profitable than offline. It may be worthwhile to conduct sales on marketplaces as well, or maybe create your own.

5. Ecosystems

Remember how many products or services Google, Apple, and Amazon offer. All this is designed to keep the client within the application system, to diversify the business, and get profit from a wide range of products and services.