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Types of sites. What sites exist, and with what they are eaten


Types of sites. What sites exist, and with what they are eaten

Irakliy Nadiradze 3 min read
At least one new website is created every day in the world. As you read this post, be aware that already in some part of the world a team of programmers is working on the release of a new Internet page that will be available on the World Wide Web. At the moment, the World Wide Web has more than two billion sites, and their number is growing at an alarming rate. All existing sites on the Internet are divided into at least two types: one-page and multi-page, but for them there is also a broader qualification, which will be discussed in this post:

Business card site - this concept is very flexible. Someone calls a website a business card web representation on the Internet, someone calls it Landing-page. We characterize this type of site as a one-screen site with short information about the company / person, photograph and contact information. Clients visiting this type of site should see in front of them just an “Electronic Business Card” of a person or company.

Landing Page (one-page site) - is a specially designed page of the site that will push visitors to take a certain action: buying a product, ordering a service, etc.

Corporate site - this type of site is a full-fledged representation of the company on the Internet. It may contain complete information about the services or products of the company, portfolio, etc. Also, this site can have tremendous functionality and integration with the internal systems of the company.

Online store - online stores differ from other types of sites in that they present not only a catalog of goods, but also the ability to purchase directly on the site. The popularity of this type of site is explained by the fact that both large companies and small businesses can open their own online store.

Nowadays, there are many services that will allow you to create any of the types listed above, however, to save your time, we recommend that you contact our agency, which will create you an amazing website with an innovative design that will attract customers and make a profit.